Earth Frequencies

Open data conversion of ITU frequency allocation tables into a machine processable form.

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Welcome to Earth Frequencies

Earth Frequencies is an attempt to create an open data project around ‘radio frequency allocation’ tables, such that the provided data can be used by software applications, rather than simply being tied to word processor style documents.

Example Uses

One example scenario is that of an SDR application, where you can tune into any frequency. Within the application you would have a view which displays various supplementary information, that can not be derived fromt the transmission itself, amongst which would be the frequency allocations, as defined by the ITU and member entities.


Being an open data project, any contribution or collaboration is appreciated. While we can't ensure that data is 100% perfect, by pooling efforts we can help improve the data quality and ensure it is as up to date as possible.

Additionally, if you make use of the data, please let us know, as this helps indicate to us that the project is being found useful and it also helps us know who to involve if we make changes to the project that could impact others.

License & Limitations

The data in this project should be treated as being in the public domain.

You should also be aware that the data may contain inaccuracies, so you should do your own auditing, to ensure the data is correct according to official sources. The contributors can not be held responsible for any incorrect information within the project. Please consult official data sources for the most current information.